Himmerland's ring forts​

The UNESCO certification of Himmerland's two impressive ring forts, Aggersborg and Fyrkat, stands as a recognized hallmark, affirming these historical sites as valuable world heritage. Aggersborg and Fyrkat are integral to Denmark's unique past, representing an era of Viking grandeur and influence. The UNESCO certification underscores the importance of preserving and conveying this cultural heritage for future generations, offering international recognition to these historical testimonies of the Viking age in Himmerland. In addition to the 2 ring forts in Himmerland, the certification also encompasses Trelleborg, Borgring, and Nonnebakken.

When you visit Aggersborg and Fyrkat, you step into the Viking world and witness their impressive architectural prowess. Aggersborg, Denmark's largest Viking fortress, presents an imposing circular rampart with a diameter of about 240 meters. You can stroll along reconstructed moats and behold the spectacular view of the landscape that was once the Vikings' realm.

Fyrkat, another impressive ring fort, offers a better-preserved structure with clear traces of the original buildings. You can explore the fort's circular design and delve into history through informative exhibitions and guided tours. Both places provide insights into the daily life, military strategy, and cultural heritage of the Vikings.

During your visit, you'll feel the whispers of history and comprehend the significance of these pivotal sites during the Viking age. The UNESCO certification ensures that these historical gems remain well-preserved and accessible for present and future generations.



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En hyggelig campingplads

En hyggelig campingplads, hvor vi hurtigt valgte at blive flerårs fastliggere. Meget flinke og imødekommende indehavere. Flink personale. God mad i restauranten. Dejligt område specielt med fine cykelruter og lige ned til fjorden

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Super fin og hyggelig plads. Fine faciliteter, skøn pool, masser af aktiviteter, fantastisk restaurant med madpandekager. Vinudvalget er godt, øl ligeså godt og sidst men ikke mindst enorme is. Kan varmt anbefales. Prøv det!

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Lækker mad og super service

Rigtig lækkert mad og super service. Flotte lokaler.

Kan varmt anbefales 

Tove Lund jensen

Roligt sted med rene forhold

Dejlig rolig og meget ren plads og store pladser de sanitære forhold er også i orden alt i alt en god plads Dorthe og Henrik Hostrup Brønderslev.

Henrik Hostrup


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